This weekend that just passed by was an amazing and relaxing one. I was relaxing on the beach, drinking chilled beer, and enjoying the lovely view on Paya beach in Tioman Island. 

The decision to go to Tioman was pretty spontaneous, I would like to think so at least. Spontaneous hopefully, as I am not at all spontaneous! I take too much time to made decisions, plan anything, and so on. But my now very banal life forced me to not be stingy and just go for it! And, I am glad I made that decision! 

The highlight of the trip was definitely the snorkeling part. Tioman’s beaches are just so beautiful, and so is it underwater. The school of fish turning its direction when seeing me, a fish swimming straight at me, the fish’s touch tickling me, and even a shark (possibly!) swimming past me was all just so beautiful and a very good change. I am thinking I better save up for diving next year. 

Other than that, Paya Beach didn’t really have much else to do. No city life as such. But the resort and my company made up for that. 

Some pictures from the trip: 



The water was much clearer and blue-er than when I went to Langkawi. Absolutely loved it ❤

Oh, and I had a Magnum ice-cream only for 4 RM (around S$1.5)!!! =D



One response to “Tioman

  1. Varun

    Life under water is amazing and tioman too.

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