My Shortest Trip to Home Yet

It lasted four days.

A trip back home usually lasted for minimum one month, but ever since I’ve started working, that has CHANGED! My last trip back home around Chinese New Year lasted around 2 weeks- that was still okay. But, this time, it lasted only for four days.

I felt quite bad spending $260 for a four-day trip, but my dad was insistent I come home for the Diwali holidays. Initially regretting the trip, I was so glad that I went for the weekend. The family time, the Diwali ambience, the comfort of my house, the TV, and the relaxation I felt in Bangkok made me realize what I’m missing in Singapore. And how can I forget the cheap shopping!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shop much–only one pair of shorts–thanks to lack of time. 

On the day I was to fly back to Singapore (Tuesday), it was havoc. From the hospital to the saloon and to back home finally, my mom and I had to literally run to get back on time so I don’t miss my flight! I’m already missing my family. 😦 

On another note, one good thing is that I’m moving out of my current place by the end of the month to a hopefully better house 😀


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