In the Summertime – The Move

Come Summer, my life may take a whole new direction. A new journey waiting to begin, to envelop me with a sense of fulfillment.

I’ll achieve a new sense of fulfillment, but I will be leaving behind the lazy mornings, sunny afternoons, carefree evenings, and spontaneous nights. I will be leaving behind the crop tops, super short skirts, and bikinis. I will be leaving behind the dodgy neighborhood, expensive rent, messy kitchen, and fuss over cooking. I will be leaving behind the hungry mornings, late nights, work stress, and lines on my face. I will be leaving behind friends who have become family.

But I will be taking back five years worth of memories -some good, some bad, and some ugly.

Change is not easy. I am still hesitant in making my decision. I do not want to regret my permanent move back to Thailand. Singapore has given me so much.

The summer will be difficult.

Daily Prompt: In the Summertime


Carpe Diem (or YOLO)?

My back feels tingly. Something in the back of my mind is telling me to get up. I feel restless. I feel an urge, an urge to do something. That something should give today a new meaning. That something should make me feel I am taking control over my life. That something should give me happiness.

I know that sitting here at my desk will not help me attain that ‘something’. It won’t even get me close. But I cannot lose sense of reality, as there are too many complications if I were to listen to what my heart truly wants. The Internet is my closest option. It is, after all, filled with limitless possibilities as everyone says. 

By the Internet, I do not mean Tweeting or Facebooking or Instagramming. By the Internet, I mean I want to create something, maybe start a company, maybe sell something. Something that will make me feel I have achieved something.  

It has been tiring waiting for a response that will allow me to change my life. I now realize that I need seize the day myself. 

Today’s objective is definitely: Carpe Diem

Finding My Inner Passion

As I listen to the songs of old Bollywood songs, I am reminded of the times when I was younger, happily going to school, unaware of the problems that adults have to face. I was still hopeful that I will find something that I love that I can make a career out of. But after three years of university and after a year of working, I am still waiting to find that something that motivates me to work, gives me passion, and makes me love life. 

I don’t like going to work, but nor do I like staying at home and not being productive. Both situations make me feel like my life is slowly disappearing into this routine, banal life which I will have to experience for the rest of my life. But I want to change that. The only question remains is how. 

Mallika Speaks Up

Mallika Sherawat’s video of an interview is currently trending, with very good reason.

The interview is of a reporter asking Mallika why she described India as “regressive and depressing” in a former interview. Mallika clarifies that she did not call India a regressive country, but instead the state of India for women as regressive. The reporter, unable to fathom that Mallika said what she said, in an international platform. The reporter did not like that Mallika gave another reason to an international audience to have a worse impression of India, when they already perceive India as an underdeveloped country. I, on the other hand, am unable to fathom that this reporter, being a female, basically asks Mallika to not present India in such a light in an international platform. Mallika asks why is there a need for her to lie. She adds that if women don’t speak up, India will close its eyes to the sufferings that women are facing, whether it is rape, female feticide, or otherwise.

Being an Indian woman myself, I have faced the double standards-whether that is for my curfew given by my parents or at the age I should marry. I have heard stories of how my Indian girl friends who can’t roam the streets in India at night, without men, and I have definitely read enough stories of rapes to know that yes, India is a regressive state for women.

It doesn’t matter whether Mallika was representing India, a movie or a brand at the international platform, what matters is she spoke up about how the situation really is in India. We are privileged as we can sit at the comfort of our homes, but there are millions of women, who are suffering, only because they are a woman. India needs to step aside from the patriarchal monarchy we have set up. Men may be stronger, but that does not make them superior.

Malika’s Interview:

Let’s Empower Ourselves

Let's Empower Ourselves

Loving this quote.

My Shortest Trip to Home Yet

It lasted four days.

A trip back home usually lasted for minimum one month, but ever since I’ve started working, that has CHANGED! My last trip back home around Chinese New Year lasted around 2 weeks- that was still okay. But, this time, it lasted only for four days.

I felt quite bad spending $260 for a four-day trip, but my dad was insistent I come home for the Diwali holidays. Initially regretting the trip, I was so glad that I went for the weekend. The family time, the Diwali ambience, the comfort of my house, the TV, and the relaxation I felt in Bangkok made me realize what I’m missing in Singapore. And how can I forget the cheap shopping!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shop much–only one pair of shorts–thanks to lack of time. 

On the day I was to fly back to Singapore (Tuesday), it was havoc. From the hospital to the saloon and to back home finally, my mom and I had to literally run to get back on time so I don’t miss my flight! I’m already missing my family. 😦 

On another note, one good thing is that I’m moving out of my current place by the end of the month to a hopefully better house 😀

Never Give Up

Keep on hoping.

Embracing Positivity

Embracing Positivity

What I need to start implementing in my life.

Happy Navratri all!

So its Navratri and I’m eagerly wanting to go dandiya.

Just sucks that I don’t think anyone wants to, or aren’t showing as much enthusiasm as I’d like them to. -_- 

Hope I can go on this Friday. Until then, I’ll continue listening to the Navratri songs playlist. Teehee


This weekend that just passed by was an amazing and relaxing one. I was relaxing on the beach, drinking chilled beer, and enjoying the lovely view on Paya beach in Tioman Island. 

The decision to go to Tioman was pretty spontaneous, I would like to think so at least. Spontaneous hopefully, as I am not at all spontaneous! I take too much time to made decisions, plan anything, and so on. But my now very banal life forced me to not be stingy and just go for it! And, I am glad I made that decision! 

The highlight of the trip was definitely the snorkeling part. Tioman’s beaches are just so beautiful, and so is it underwater. The school of fish turning its direction when seeing me, a fish swimming straight at me, the fish’s touch tickling me, and even a shark (possibly!) swimming past me was all just so beautiful and a very good change. I am thinking I better save up for diving next year. 

Other than that, Paya Beach didn’t really have much else to do. No city life as such. But the resort and my company made up for that. 

Some pictures from the trip: 



The water was much clearer and blue-er than when I went to Langkawi. Absolutely loved it ❤

Oh, and I had a Magnum ice-cream only for 4 RM (around S$1.5)!!! =D